Small yet large.

Colorplex is an award winning, multi-disciplinary digital agency comprised of designers, illustrators, programmers, photographers, videographers, directors, audio engineers and animators working on a wide range of brands from small startups to multiple Fortune 500 companies.


Without research, the creative house will fall. Through market research, analytics, and stakeholder analysis, a formulaic approach is crafted to construct all brand assets moving forward.


User interface and the overall experience are hinged upon the discovery of your target demographic and markets.


Where Art and Data meet.

Photography & Videography

The art of visual storytelling.

Content Writing

Informative but pointed.

Web Development

Where it all began.

Native Apps

Apps delivered across all platforms and devices.

Big Believers in Charity

Colorplex maintains 10% of it’s roster for charitable causes. Our non-profits include organizations dedicated to children with disabilities, police, firefighter and veteran care, and cancer research - to name a few.